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This page is designed to give you more information about the range of workshops Cate provides. For dates, please see the What's On page.

Compassionate Communication (NVC)

Foundation Training

A 2 Day Foundation Course in the Basics of NVC

Compassionate Communication or Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a practical and easily learned process for communicating with empathy, honesty, power, integrity and compassion. The skills taught will help you to transform difficult relationships, enhance all relationships and show you how to listen and speak in a way that vastly increases the likelihood of getting your needs met and your highest dreams realised.

Imagine interacting with one another in a way that allows everyone’s needs to be equally valued. This two day workshop offers a practical process to:

    • Ensure that everyone’s needs are met peacefully

    • Resolve conflicts without blame or judgement

    • Be fully present when people are in distress

This workshop will offer skills for anyone who’d like improved communication and connection with people of all ages within their families or work situation. Cate brings refreshing insights and warmth to these sessions. Why not bring a friend?

Personal Empowerment: Be Your Best/Effectiveness Training

30 Hours over some full day and 3 hour sessions

10 x 3 hour sessions: Starts Sunday 30 September, 2012 through to 1 December

Using Gordon Training International, Linda Adams ‘Be Your Best’

Option 1: Includes a Statement of Attendance

Nationally Govt Accredited Training Personal Empowerment

Be Your best with Effectiveness Training (ET) is an intensive, skills-based training that develops interpersonal communication and conflict resolution competencies. Through E.T., you learn, practice, and understand when and how to apply a powerful set of tools that measurably influence peoples' behaviours, habits and beliefs. The result is more productive, efficient and fulfilling workplaces, families, and relationships.

Option 2: Includes a VETEC Statement of Attainment

The skills taught are equally effective for all ages and situations.

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What’s Making You Angry?

Beginner level or Review

don’t want and our thinking is caught up in images of the wrongness (enemy images) of others that are involved (or ourselves if it’s us we are angry with).

Cate takes participants through 10 steps to discover for themselves how to recognise self-defeating patterns and connect with the life-serving purpose of anger. See Flyer attached below.

Learn where anger comes from and what’s behind it

10 Steps that Transform Anger into Compassionate Connection

When we are angry, we focus almost completely on what we

    • Find constructive ways to meet our needs and needs of others

  • Learn power-with ways to express what we want to meet our needs.

  • Learn to re-focus your attention during an angry conflict and to create outcomes that are satisfying for everyone involved.

  • Be safe to hear another’s anger without taking it on board.

Understanding and an Overview of NVC

This is a shorter workshop which usually lasts 2.5 hours

This interactive session will offer you an overview of NVC philosophy beginning level practice and inspirational stories of how the tools improve daily life. You will leave this session with concepts you can put into immediate use. Why not bring a friend?

* Note this workshop is usually 2.5 hours

Communicating at Work:

Achieve it with Confidence & Clarity

Held over 5 consecutive weeks or can be offered in 3 condensed sessions

Participants are shown highly effective ways to communicate whether it be with their employer, employees, manager, fellow staff members or a client. You will learn how you can practically use the insights which have been developed over the past 35 years by Dr Marshall Rosenberg and now used in over 30 countries. The purpose is to learn how we can express what we need to without causing reactions from other people as well as achieving the outcome of feeling that pour needs have been heard and understood. In other words, a constructive communication leading to a win/win outcome.

Connected Parenting

An Effective Approach to Parenting in Harmony with Your Values

This 5 Session Course is for people who have completed any previous workshops with Cate.

Whether you’re the parent of a toddler or a teenager, you know that parenting can be challenging–even overwhelming at times. Unfortunately, children don’t come with an instruction manual. And, being a parent doesn’t always mean that you automatically or instinctively know what to do.

What You Will Learn

  • How to talk to your children so that they will listen to you.

  • How to listen to your children so they feel genuinely understood.

  • How to resolve conflicts and problems in your family so that no one loses and problems stay solved.

  • A method for troubleshooting family problems and knowing which skills to use to solve them.

Do the philosophy and values embedded in this course fit for you?

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