Connected Parenting

Discover how four words will change how

you parent or care for children, forever

Raising children and parenting is a gift and such sacred ground. Connected Parenting is for families of children of all ages. Facilitated by Cate Crombie, mother of 3 young adult women and a new grandson (pictured with his mum above), Connected Parenting is respectful and supportive of parents and caregivers. It is offered here as a 2 day workshop for anyone who would like to experience a powerful, effective approach to parenting, caring for, or working with young people that’s in harmony with values of connecting deeply and compassionately.

This workshop or course explores the following and much, much more;

· Creating discipline without using punishment or rewards

· Fostering self-esteem and resilience in children

· Developing self-empathy, a safety valve for parents

· Nurturing compassionate, empowered and creative young people

In a safe, fun atmosphere, learn effective ways to:

Create safety, trust and respect in your relationships with kids. Discover ways to inspire voluntary cooperation and balance kids’ needs & your needs equally.


To meet needs for maximum learning and ease, a prerequisite is that participants have already attended an NVC Foundation Training or at least an Introductory Session. It’s preferable also to be familiar with the Dance Floor process created by Bridget Belgrave and Gina Lawrie.

For More Information:

Phone Cate: 07 3300 6581 or e-mail (preferred)

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Contribution: $200 for the two day sessions.

Materials: Handouts are provided in the workshop sessions

Children’s presence: Non-mobile (or even mobile if two parents attending) babies are welcome to attend with parents, provided needs for focus, quiet and concentration for adult participants can also be met.