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The Relaxation Centre of Queensland - Books, CD’s, DVD’s

15 Southpine Alderley Brisbane 4051

Phone: (07) 3856 3733



Dorset Campbell-Ross - MN8love - Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Puppets & Ears

Byron Bay TYAGARAH NSW 2481


Mobile: 0417 274 723

Phone: (02) 6684 7245


NB: Both The Relaxation Centre and Dorset will do a postal delivery.

Postal costs are on top of prices quoted in Relaxation Centre PDF.


The Centre for Nonviolent Communication - Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Puppets & Ears

Alburqueque, New Mexico, USA

Go to:

Coming Soon: CNVC are currently upgrading so you can order online!

For resources from John Cunningham. John has finished a major revision of his 10 page training booklet. Feel free to download and print copies for yourself, your family, friends and colleagues. It is a gift! Compassionate Communication & Empathy A4-bw.bklt.pdf

Empathy Poker Cards from John Cunningham EmpathyPokercards-A4-baer metanoia.pdf

Jackal Language Cards from John Cunningham Jackal Language Cards - American.pdf

Dance Cards from John Cunningham Dance Cards American.pdf

Also: Nonviolent Communication is the home of Puddledancer the publisher of NVC books.

Lots of Free Resources/Articles here. Also they have book packages on sale regularly.

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NVC Certification Yahoo Group: On a recent thread about NVC and cults, Susan Clarke posted a comment about learning music as an analogy to learning NVC. Ian Peatey enjoyed the comment and asked Susan if she would be willing to expand it into an article to publish on his website (NVC World). She agreed ... and here is a link to the article for those interested: